Bike parking outside of Amsterdam Centraal Station. (There is no car-parking lot.)

Don't forget where you left your bike!

This wide road doesn't even have room for cars. From front to back: pedestrians, bikes, trains, trains, bikes, pedestrians.

These little buggers also use the bike lanes. Most not emergency vehicles.

Lots of narrow buildings. (Note the winch at the top of each building to lift furniture in through the windows.)

Most of Amsterdam is old brick buildings, but there is the occasional eccentric new building (still skinny).

We started at the far end of this street looking for hotels and ended up here.

The coffee maker was broken.

We never actually left the canal ring area.

Sam likes shiny boats.

World Cup mania!

Hup Holland!!

When Chandra ordered a calzone, she was unprepared for this. Laptop (smaller than calzone) still working.

Dam Square and National Monument

Look both way for bikes before crossing the sidewalk! (We were trying to photograph the feline football fan.)

Outside of Annefrankhuis

Annefrankhuis Museum (the hidden annex is on the other side, not visible from the street)

With space at a premium, the Dutch have developed ingenious parking garages.

Robots move the cars around.

Cars were stacked as high as we could see through the window.