Arriving at Mykonos

The ferries actually turn around in this little cove and back into the docks

Cute little boats and whitewashed houses

Sam outside Hotel Apollon

Chandra inside Apollon with our own personal grandma

The view from the Apollon balcony

The other (touristy) view from the Apollon balcony

Cute little church on the waterfront

Sam trying to navigate little twisty streets

Panagia Paraportiani, five small churches amalgamated in classical Byzantine style, into one asymetrical church growing out of the rocks

Top of Panagia Paraportiani

Mykonos' famous windmills

Up close

Up closer

Everything by the water was incredib ly windy

Us in front of the harbor

Greek SUV

Sized for small roads

This was one of the tamest shirts being sold

In the main square, one of dozens of gay bars

Pelicans know where the fish market is and wait patiently outside.

Pelicans are big birds

We took a high speed ferry to Naxos

Chandra boarding the ferry

This is where we hung out (note the power adaptor, which Chandra left)