aka "Rooms Mike"

The view from our balcony

Sam dressed for kiteboarding

Sam learns to fly the 5 m^2 kite

Sam learns to crash the kite

Sam learns to get dragged through the water by the kite

Sam still learning to be pulled by kite

Sam graduates to being pulled by the kite sans instructor

But Skinny Sammy cannot carry the 5m kite by himself without being blown away!

Not Sam, but a professional kiteboarder (there is such a thing)

The pros were preparing for the Kiteboarding World Cup, to be held right on this beach next week

They could do all sorts of cool jumps and flips

Sam hiding from the sun

The exterior of Panagia Ekatontapyliani (“Church of 100 Doors”)

Central courtyard

Interior of the Church of 100 Doors

Beautiful vaulted ceilings

Very old main crucifix

With some modern reinforcements

Outside the main chapel

Presumably for baptism

Old hunk of fresco just sitting around

Lots of extra pieces around back

Interesting find in the “junkyard” outside

Strange finds ouside. Hear no evil?

Speak no evil?

Skull and crossbones seemed out of place

Pretty flowers growing out of the sidewalk

Didn't drink at this bar, but liked the monkey

Didn't eat at this restaurant, but liked the cows

FYI, Greek toilets do not like toilet paper