Approaching Syros at night

The view from our room, the cheapest we could find

Amazing view for what we paid.

Outside of Hotel Ipatia

Ano Syros, a medieval Catholic settlement topped by Agios Georgios (13th century baroque cathedral).

We were wisely told that it was worth the 4 euro to take a cab to the top.

Lots or narrow streets and steps.

Ano Syros is one of the largest Catholic settlements in Greece.

Did we mention steps?

All the way up?

Mass was being held at Agios Georgios so we didn't go inside.

Bells and singing were beautiful.

Many other smaller churches are hidden away in the cliffs, most built by individual families to show their gratitude for good fortune.

All of Ano Syros is covered with tiny medieval houses, narrow paths, and steep stairs.

We wandered our way back down to Ermoupolis.

The way down was quite steep. We were glad we weren't going the other way!

Bougainvillea blooming everywhere.

We stopped at a taverna halfway down. This was the view from our table.

Also from our table, downtown Ermoupolis.

Sam at Ermopoulis harbor

More Ermopoulis

Greece is unfairly pretty

Two minutes later, light spray turned into a huge wave and soaked Chandra

Don't try these. Heinz Ketchup and Ruffles should not be mixed.

Sam is too tall for most things in Greece. He hits his head a lot.

The main square where all the kids play in the evening.